Monday, October 20, 2008

Pulmonology Appointment

The appointment went rather well and Elias traveled wonderfully. We did not have to suction him one time in the 3 hours away from home. He tolerated the humid-a-vent for the entire time. The pulmonology resident came in ahead of Dr Lasso to get some information and do a preliminary exam. While she was listening to Elias' lungs he got very mad as usual and began kicking in his usual violent fashion. Apparently we are beginning a tradition of pulling out the G-tube at every doctors appointment. We are two for two. Yes, he kicked the G-tube right out again. The funny part is the resident quickly left and returned with Dr. Lasso within a few minutes. They were trying to find a GI doctor that would be available to help. Little did they know we have experience with this type of disaster. They all came in asking what they needed to do to help. We were calmly sitting there waiting with the tube back in place. They all got a kick out that, no pun intended. Dr. Stewart was paged and made a guest appearance at our appointment to ensure everything was OK with the G-tube before going home. He congratulated us on our success and gave us peace of mind that everything looked alright.

Dr. Lasso weaned the albuterol from 6 times a day to 3 times a day or as needed. Elias' secretions seem to be better at home than in the hospital as well. They are definitely not as thick and pluggy here at home. She was pleased to hear that as well. Finally, some positive news at the doctors office for a change. We will take it how ever we can get it. We follow-up in a month with her.

I am slowly but surely working on the photos and video. Not quite as much time the last few days, and the nurses are at the computer desk most of the day when not with Elias writing their reports. I promise as soon as I have them they done they will be posted. It is time to change Elias feeds and give him some more medications. Thank you all for your continued support, thoughts and prayers. Our marathon has now become a triathlon and there are many many things ahead of us, some of them scary but mostly exciting. We continue to conquer the odds one day at a time.

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