Monday, November 10, 2008

Huge Accomplishment- A Proud Parent Moment

Yesterday, and again this morning, Elias had a major breakthrough in development, at least in our humble opinion.  We are beginning to recognize his need for further stimulation, particularly on his own. You could just tell he was getting bored, even with us playing with him. He is at a stage of self-reliance it seems. For example, since we have returned home from our latest stint in the hospital, Elias has almost exclusively slept on his left side. If you recollect, this is the side to which he has had the greatest aversion. To make this an even greater accomplishment, he is sleeping with his back to the door. That has never happened because he is such a busy body. The other amazing accomplishment the last few days is Elias adapting and using his hands more and more. We all know he loves to hold Donald, but he has started to hold and cuddle with a doggy that is half stuffed animal and half blanket. Elias enjoys the soft texture of each part of this toy and finds it soothing to "suck on" so to speak. It is more like him pursing his lips back and forth against it, but it is soothing to him, so more power to you buddy! He also will grab it with both hands and hug it while he manipulates it to the position he wants, or at least tries to anyway. The funniest thing is to watch him grab it while laying on his right side. Then he rolls over to the left side, taking the doggy with him. This usually leads to the blanket portion covering his face, and he doesn't quite have the skill to get it off, YET. Sometimes he enjoys this and laughs like it is a game. Other times he gets a little frustrated. The fact that he is doing this though is so wonderful! The last thing he accomplished is sort of the same as the doggy, but it is a lion toy. It has different textures, teething rings, noise makers, and other interesting things for Elias to explore. He really took off, moving it around, trying to put it in his mouth, etc. He played with that lion by himself for at least half an hour yesterday. He has shown interest in it again today as well. I was so proud watching him. Elias never ceases to amaze us with his ingenuity and persistence. Deep down we always knew he would adapt, but actually watching the progress unfold right before our eyes was truly a proud parent moment. I'm sure the first of many!  I tried to capture some of this amazing moment on video to share, but Elias is too smart and stopped. That is, until I put the camera away. The little stinker went right back to where he left off! I suppose we will have to try and outsmart him when it comes to video taping milestone moments. Although with the intelligence he is showing, it could very well turn into a battle of the wits! I just hope we can win that one!!!  :)


  1. Elias is amazing! You should be very proud.

  2. AWWW!!!

    Sounds absolutely precious! Hope you can get a video and show us that little genious of yours in action. :)

  3. Wow, how awesome to read about the amazing things Elias is doing.
    Praise God. I have been reading your webpage for a little while,
    and have been praying. Just had to write to you now, Praise God for the parents that you are to Elias,
    the unending care and love you are giving him.
    Keep to great reports coming, I continue to pray.
    Marjo Hadfield

  4. Hello,

    Elias reminds me so much of my son Nicholas! Nicholas has FA too, a trach, g-j tube, vp shunt, and loves the string on his mask! He use to rub it against his lips really soft he is 10 yr old and chews on it! Hang in there! We'll be praying for strength, courage, and knowledge!

    Blessings and Bear Hugs!


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