Monday, November 24, 2008

Quick afternoon update

Not too much to update this afternoon. Elias is doing better after his respiratory issues last week, which is quite a relief. He got his Synagis (RSV) vaccine on Saturday. His pediatrician came to the house for that. Yes, our pediatrician makes house calls for certain cases (rare and wonderful that man is).  We are so glad we found him. 

Elias has been going hand crazy this week, grabbing onto anything and everything he can, and having a blast doing it!! We are very pleased and proud of this accomplishment. He still is having a bit of a time sitting up on his own. He has what I call "bobble head" and fatigues after about 10 minutes. His curious nature keeps him active and trying though. He has even learned to move himself around the crib to get to the stuffed toy he wants to play with...AMAZING!!

Tomorrow he will have his surgery, not 100% that he will be home afterward or if he will have to stay in the hospital overnight. That is all up to how he recovers. Just as well if they do decide to keep him since we still haven't heard if we have a nurse for tomorrow night.  Go figure! We are still awaiting a phone call with the NPO orders and time for the surgery. While Elias has gone for a portion of this surgery before, as well as the many others he has had, it doesn't get easier in terms of anxiety and worry. Many prayers for success tomorrow. Thank you all! 

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