Monday, December 15, 2008

Emecis Issues

Elias had another spell of emecis issues yesterday, having four separate episodes throughout the day. This activity leads us to believe even further that it is not entirely, if at all related to reflux. We are beginning to believe that because what he is spitting up is usually mucus, it is more from the fluid build up in his lungs trying to evacuate. This of course brings on concerns that the fluid is building rapidly and his treatments might not be enough. We are trying to get an earlier appointment with the Pulmonologist set up, as our next scheduled one is not until the end of January. Just to be safe because these episodes can lead to more serious topics like aspiration, pneumonia, mucus plugs, and other respiratory related infections and illnesses. So far, thankfully, it is just the expulsion of unwanted mucus, but it has been occurring over the last six weeks with more frequency than we are comfortable with. One positive is that it is potentially a good sign that his lungs are strong and able to push the unwanted material and not allow it to store and cause issue. This is just something we have to keep a really close eye on and watch for a pattern to emerge that points us to the root of the evil.  

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