Monday, December 29, 2008


They started with IV fluids until about 11pm and switched to pedialyte via the g-tube. At around 3 am they decided that since there had not been any episodes they were going to switch back to the breast milk at 20ml per hour, a much slower rate. He has coughed and wretched a little, but so far no emecis. That is a little alarming to me, because it leads us back to thinking that this could be reflux induced, but with the mucus content, maybe he has been aspirating without us realizing. Who knows, hopefully we will get this sorted out and isolate the source. It is still too early to determine if he will be coming home today. His specialists are being consulted this morning so we should have a plan a little later.

Otherwise, Elias slept through most of the night and seemed comfortable. That is definitely a positive. As of now we have not heard anything about the cultures they drew for RSV or the wide array of bacterial infections. So the preliminary results seem to be negative, thank God, but it takes around 3 days for the final results. Not sure if they are planning to try again to get another CBC test. We will update you on the status later.

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