Thursday, January 29, 2009

Elias reminds us he is the boss

Elias, in his usual dramatic fashion put an end to all the speculation and debate over when to send him home. Everyone has a different opinion and excellent case for their side, but we are not sure who has the better options. So leave it up to Elias to make everyone feel foolish while he laughs and says, “Hey I am the boss here.” I love that kid!! His G/J tube came out last night. Since that can only be replaced by a specific radiology department they decided that it was best to simply go back to the NJ tube and force the issue for the Nissen on Wednesday in the cancelled slot. We are sure our surgeon will not have a problem with it, we just have to wait for him to get back to work.  We can now see why his surgeon did not want to do a G/J tube in the first place, but since he was gone someone else was calling the shots and again we were not listened too…another opportunity to say we told you so, it didn’t work. I guess they felt that was the only option we had to go home on, but things are working out it seems. That is refreshing, to have something go our way. Elias is actually down now doing the barium swallow test and having the NJ tube placed. When they do the Nissen more than likely they will redo the G-tube as well so we will be here until the week of February 9th, and just shy of a month in the hospital. We will let you know how things go.

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