Saturday, January 24, 2009

Very Quick Update

The tentative plan for now is to get Elias to a baseline and stable enough to send home. This will require putting in a G/J-tube to use temporarily until we return to the hospital mid February for the Nissen surgery. We will need to feed Elias Jejunal for the next several weeks to control the reflux that is apparently causing his aspiration and respiratory issues. We have expressed concern that the surgery is scheduled so far out, and that we are afraid we will end up back in the hospital before our readmission for the surgery. The doctors hope to manage things successfully with the feeds and medication to keep Elias as stable as possible and not cause him to deteriorate once home. He will still not be feeling 100% but it is too risky to keep him in the hospital, exposing him to all the bad stuff coming in and out of there. They are going to admit us a few days prior to the surgery to ensure Elias is stable enough to go through with the procedure. So it will be home for a few weeks then back in for a week, ugh! As for when we get to go home still depends. Monday is when the G/J will be placed and they need to ensure he is tolerating the feeds through this as well as wean some of the aggressive respiratory medications. Looks like the earliest we could be discharged would be Tuesday, but we are not holding our breath. I will try and update more later.

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