Saturday, February 14, 2009

Elias Is Home

We brought Elias home yesterday, late evening. He is still having some difficulty with secretions, but we finally received some alternative reasoning behind this, other than the typical surgical recovery response. Basically, with the micro-aspirations Elias was suffering over the last few months has caused some damage to his lungs. There is not a lot in terms of treatment to fix the issue, but rather management through medications to attempt to make him more comfortable. The body itself will repair the lungs in time. He is not the most comfortable right now and it is very bothersome as a parent to watch. If only we could take the pain away and absorb it for him. We follow up in a few weeks with both surgery and pulmonology to see how things are progressing. Also with the Nissen in place we have started to compress his feeds again with the obvious goal of working towards bolus feeding. The reflux issue, while not clinically present was contributing towards the difficulty with this in the past. Elias is tolerating them just fine so far, compressing 85mL over 2 hours 4 times a day with nocturnal continuous feeds. We are hoping that once we reach that goal with satisfactory performance, we begin small amounts of oral feeding with Elias!

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  1. He looks so great! He is pudgy and adorable. I'm guessing you are all exhausted. But take heart in the fact that Elias looks extraordinary. I bet he is soo happy to be home! xoxo


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