Monday, February 2, 2009

Nissen Surgery On Wednesday

We got the confirmation late this evening that Elias is on the schedule for the Nissen surgery on Wednesday. They were unable to give us a time, but that is typical. It will more than likely be in the afternoon sometime. So please keep your thoughts and prayers for a safe and successful procedure.

Over the weekend Elias has been doing pretty well. He is holding stable and has not had any respiratory flare ups. I have been out of commission the last few days battling a strong cold that worked it's way into my chest. I will be able to go back safely to the hospital tomorrow morning, thankfully. I have missed Elias so much. Thankfully, we were at a point were he was just there at the hospital being observed and awaiting a decision for surgery. No changes were needed to be discussed or care plans changed, so it was relatively good timing. If all goes well Elias should be home in about a week to ten days.

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  1. Take echinacea and probiotics to stay healthy. They are godsends. We'll be saying prayers on Wednesday. Hope you ALL feel better and get home sooner rather than later.


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