Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Raspberry kisses

It is certainly wonderful having Elias home from the hospital.  While he is still having a lot of issues, we are more comfortable, and in turn feel he is more comfortable as well.  He is having copious amounts of secretions, and is gagging more than before, but we were told that would happen for awhile after surgery.  We were questioning how long was acceptable, because it seemed to not be improving, and the doctors agreed that with the damage to his lungs from the aspirating, it could be longer than normal.  So, we are suctioning him more often, and he is sleeping in his baby papasan chair to keep him elevated.  We go in to see his pulmonologist the first week of February so she can evaluate.  

In the meantime, we are continuing to play with Elias, and are genuinely amazed with all of his new "tricks."  Before we went into the hospital, Elias was starting to do well with rolling onto his stomach.  While in the hospital, he not only learned how to roll back onto his back, but he mastered the art of rolling over completely. Be this video below showing his methodic process as he first learned how to do this, he finally gets it at the very end. Of course he loves to do this all the time and "log roll" getting himself wrapped up in his monitor cords, hahaha!

I can Roll Over! - Photo Sharing by MyPhotoAlbum 

In addition to that Elias has started to learn some of the faces and mouth shapes we have been teaching him. We always pucker up and blow him kisses and now he returning the favor with a twist...he blows raspberries when he does this. To all my musician friends out there he has quite a good lip buzzing action working, a future brass player perhaps? He also has out of the blue started sucking his cheeks in and doing the "fishy mouth." This is something daddy does to Elias to make him laugh but it shows how smart a cookie he is picking up on that and mimicking me so quick. Here are a few photos of him doing this:


  1. Little nut! That sweet little bum in the air is hilarious! Glad to see him up and moving!

    I added Mr. Man to the prayer blog:


    Be sure to tell your friends so that they can go and pray for ALL of our kiddos!

    Amber Schmidt

  2. Elias is my favorite fishy face. That's really good! He commits to it completely. Method actor?


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