Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Simple is Good

Not too much going on, which around here is a good thing. Elias' secretions are still significant and the amount of suctioning while it had decreased over the weekend has ramped back up again. It is amazing how much can come out of someone so small. Today was a slow day for Elias. His energy level was on the low end. He did reserve enough to show off for his new occupational therapist. She was impressed with what he is doing so far and gave us some oral motor stimulation exercises to work on this week. The rest of the week is quiet. No doctor appointments or therapist coming to the house. Certainly looking forward to some down time in that regard. Next week we begin our busy schedule again with appointments almost everyday.

We did get Elias into his playpen for the first time the other day. He just kind of laid there and looked around. I suppose that is to be expected placing him in a new environment. We are going to gradually work that into his routine and hope he finds it as fun as he finds his bed.

Monday brought in his physical therapist. She has not seen him since early January. She was super impressed with all the things he was doing now. She was watching him on his stomach with his tush in the air on his knees and she noticed the way he was shuffling his legs. We actually figured out that if were not for his arms and clubbed wrist Elias would probably be crawling right now. He is trying to figure it out, but just can not seem to get the placement right to do anything effective before he tires out. That was huge in terms of cognitive development because this is an age appropriate behavior. We knew he would begin to close the gap on the developmental delay soon enough. I expect in the coming months we will see some more incredible improvements and milestones.

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