Thursday, March 19, 2009

Improving Still :)

Elias had a bit of a rough night only managing to sleep in brief burst, with the longest being an hour. In spite of that and his discomfort his SPO2 SATS are much better this morning. When I came in to get report this morning from his nurse they were sitting at 98!! I had been up several times through out the night and checked in on him and each time I would see his numbers improving, so that took a load off our minds. This morning was a little rough still for him as he is still groggy from the lack of sleep and the discomfort is still getting the better of him, poor little guy. We are giving him Tylenol to help manage that and hopefully today he will nap some in longer spurts and get caught up on much needed rest. His secretions continue to be the biggest culprit in denying him that ability. In addition to his normal amount of secretions, which we had hoped would subside some after this procedure, plus him trying to clear the extra saline from the airway he is needing quite frequent suctioning. His airway is raw from the instruments traveling through so there is some irritation and blood in the secretions we are suctioning. This is normal though and we expect it to be this way for a few days. 

Amber, his nurse from the PACU called this morning to check and make sure Elias did well over night, which was very nice of her. She also called before she left for the evening yesterday to ensure we had settled in Okay and that Elias was still doing alright. She was happy to hear that he had improved as expected and that there were no complications. We are relieved that things turned out for the best and that our little trooper is managing as well as can be expected. For a final thought on this update we are happy to report that Elias broke another tooth, this one on the top. So he know has two little nubs of teeth growing. Hope everyone has a good day!

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  1. Catching up on posts - so glad he's doing well. Amber sounds amazing. Go Elias!


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