Sunday, March 22, 2009

Witness to Crawling

While we have seen a great effort from Elias the last six weeks or so with what appeared to be unsuccessful attempts, he has ultimately masterminded a way to crawl. Elias is officially crawling in his own unique way. We were watching him in his play pen yesterday and saw him crawl from one side to the other. It was the most amazing thing. Elias has developed what we dub the inchworm technique. He brings his legs up to his stomach, with his butt in the air, and uses his forehead for balance. His arms are used to steer him in the direction he wants to go. Then he kicks out his very strong legs and pushes with his feet until he is straight, then repeats the process. We knew it would only be a matter of time before he figured it out, but he only does this in the bed or in the playpen, not on the floor. We are thinking because it is too hard especially since he uses his head so much in the process. He obviously is not racing around, but he doesn’t move at too shabby a pace either, foreshadowing his quick little self all over the place in due time. It was wonderful that we were both here to witness this and it was so unexpected and out of the blue, but I suppose that if you knew it was going to happen it would not be as precious a moment. We will work on getting some video of this, but it seems lately when we pull the camera or camcorder out he is so enamored by it being there he pays more attention to it that the activity we are trying to capture. I suppose we will have to be sneaky about this.


  1. Way to go Elias!

    Maybe he's just being careful on the floor... avoiding rug burns! :)

  2. I've learned that children never perform when you want them to. I think they are just trying to make liars out of the parents. Just a theory. We usually have to be really sneaky with the camera.


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