Saturday, April 25, 2009

This Week

This week is hoping to be a week of celebration as we countdown to Next Friday which is Elias’ FIRST BIRTHDAY! We have visitors planned for the entire week and we have a fun surprise for Elias (as well as everyone that reads) on his Birthday. We will surely have many photos & possibly some video to share through out the week, so be sure not to miss it!!

Other than that there has not been much that we can report on, for the moment. Today we took advantage of the rare opportunity of having Mommy off without having a doctor appointment and did some much needed spring cleaning. We get so involved with Elias’ day to day cleaning necessities and cares that often times we have to neglect other household chores and duties typically because it means choosing to accomplish them or sleep. Unfortunately the second has the greater need. This is the life of having a child with complex medical needs, as all our counterparts will attest. We are certainly not unique, it is just an accepted reality that few people know or even comprehend until you are thrust into the middle of it. So it was nice to do some of those things and spend time with Elias, all three of us playing and laughing. It was a productive and family rich day, something we are certainly not use to having, but welcomed the opportunity.

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