Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Post Surgical Morning Update

Elias managed overnight without getting any pain medication, although it probably would have been better this morning for him if he had been getting regular dosing of Roxicet.  He finally got another dose this morning at 8 am and within a few minutes he was much more relaxed and obviously less stressed.

The new G-tube began leaking shortly after the feeds began last evening, so they had to stop the feeds. After several pages to the surgical resident and almost 4 hours of waiting they decided to cut the feeds back to 15mL so that he was getting some food and hydration, but stopped his feeds at 6am for some unknown reason. We just changed the Mic-key G-tube to a smaller size. Hopefully when the feeds start in a few minutes there will be little to no leakage.

They took a chest x-ray this morning to check on the partial collapsed lung. We are waiting to hear results on that, but it would appear that it is not causing him difficulty as they have weaned the oxygen to 28% which is very close to room air.

Our unprofessional parental opinion is he can go home today. We really can not see any reason for him not to and will probably really question any reasoning they may have. As I type this update the pain medicine is kicking in and Elias is rolling and moving all over the bed and beginning to smile and laugh. That is a huge relief and welcomed sight.

Thanks again to everyone for your continued thoughts and prayers, it has obviously helped! As soon as we know anything further we will be sure to update again.

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