Monday, June 1, 2009


Just a quick update before bed tonight. We had a busy, productive and fun filled day. Lots of packing and playing with Elias. Elias had a haircut today, by mommy. He behaved rather nicely with the help of a distracting daddy. I am hoping to get some photos up tomorrow, depending on time. Elias has been doing some pretty incredible things the last few days. He is starting to pull himself up from a propped position to a sitting position. It is only a matter of time we think before he will be sitting up on his own and that will be very exciting. He also surprised both of us today by picking up a small round smooth ball…with one hand. Pretty amazing for a kid with no thumbs. Mom and I both watched in amazement with our jaws wide open. We have seen him pick it up before using both his hands but never with a single hand. Way to Go Elias!! I do believe I got a few shots of that as well.

In the morning I will be battling his nursing agency over a 3 1/2 month overdue care plan. The purpose of a care plan is so a caregiver/nurse unfamiliar with the patient should be able to find all the information needed to care for this person in the care plan without need for anyone to walk them through, but the caregiver/nurse should also question discrepancies. I have been asking nicely since March, but my patience has expired after spending over 2 hours with a nurse supervisor going line by line and her taking notes. She emailed us a “corrected version” which is almost as error filled as the first version. I am very disappointed by their lack of desire to produce this REQUIRED document for state audit, that is to be reviewed every 60 days, ours expired February 10, 2009.

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  1. Go Elias! It is amazing what they can do. They don't know that it's a challenge, so these kids of ours just do what they want! Brody taught himself pretty much everything: catch, eating, using utensils, writing....It's fun to be dazzled by your child.


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