Monday, July 6, 2009

Help us Help a Friend

wil42 One of the many families we have connected with via the FA & VACTERL support groups has entered an essay contest for an all expense paid family vacation. Their son Brody has VACTERL with similar issues in the arms, hands, & esophagus. He has had a Thumb Pollicization - and wrist centralization surgeries, which is something we are still on the fence about for Elias. Anyway long story short they are one of the finalist for this essay contest and the next phase is public voting. Please take a moment to click here for the essay page. Scroll down to near the bottom, you will see a red box that says VOTE. Even if you do not take the time to read the essay, please take the 15 seconds to vote for it. It is very well written and this family truly deserves a vacation, like many families in their and our scenarios. I have included a Share This button at the end of this post, please pass this on via one of the many social pages, email, and other outlets listed.

Thank you all for doing this, we will keep you posted if they win or not! We certainly hope they do.

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