Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Quick Update on Elias

Well last evening about 7pm Elias, like a light switch got to feeling better. He was laughing and moving all over the place. He did not stop for almost 2 hours and did not go to bed until close to midnight. It was great to see him acting this way again. It had been since last Thursday that he had been up and down with the way he felt. Of course this morning, oddly we are back to being fussy again, lethargic and you can just tell by his face he is not feeling well. The other oddity about today is that it is raining again. We have been noticing a trend with Elias for a while now that he typically has bad days when it rains or it is about to rain. We wonder if it has to do with the pressure in the atmosphere that is effecting him. I know that nay sound crazy to some of you, but we have talked with others that experience similar issues. We wonder if his unformed right ear and very small left ear canal have anything to do with it? There is also the enlarged ventricles that we are working towards following up with. This too may also cause some issue. Then again it could be coincidence, but it happens EVERYTIME. The good news he is not nearly as bad as he was over the weekend, it just stinks for him that he finally got to feeling better only to have this happen. Fortunately tomorrow there is a better forecast so maybe he will be back to his old self.  

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  1. Not odd at all....

    My son does the same thing. Our infectious disease doc told us years ago that the change in the barometric pressure in the atmosphere absolutely wreaks havoc in many areas. She said the ER in our area is always packed with breathing problems/asthma like symptoms and respiratory problems during barometric changes with storms.

    With Jophie it's the lungs/breathing and just an overall "icky I just don't feel good".

    The little guy can predict the rain hours before it arrives. Even if the weatherman says NO rain..He always proves them wrong :0)

    Trina and Jophie


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