Friday, July 24, 2009

Rough Few Days

The last few days for Elias have not been well. As usual it is difficult to tell what is causing what issues and what the problem is. He has been very feverish again, low grade but he is cutting another tooth so that is likely the cause of the fever, especially since he has been on that stronger antibiotic for the last 10 days. We resumed his prophylaxis of amoxicillin today. The bad thing is you just never know. We have seen him like this in the past and it ends up being something completely different than we expected. That is the frustrating part. We are watching closely as usual. He has also been spitting up large amounts of clear thick mucus and is requiring more suctioning than normal. This can happen from time to time without any medical intervention and it just passes. There are times we have taken him in at the first sign of these symptoms and the doctors can not find any explanation, other times and they find infection. We do not like to take chances, but do not want to rush in at the first sign of every little thing or we would live in an ER or doctors office. We spend enough time already in those places. He is generally lethargic, unable to get comfortable, and lacking sleep. He is refusing all the normal comforts like Donald Duck, Teddy, and even Yertle the turtle. For once we would just like there to be a simple list of symptoms that mean X rather than the complex watchful waiting. Such as life with a medically complex child, you just get use to it and accept it as the way it is. We will keep you posted. No news is good news. We are just praying for a weekend free of…well I’m not going to say it and jinx us. Just pray this weekend goes well for our little man and that he feels better soon.

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