Thursday, August 20, 2009

Morale Buster

The surgery was a bust! After trying all day and night (until 5am) to get IV access, PICC lines and even simple lab work without success they were left with no alternative but to try and place a central line. This too was unsuccessful to the point where they did not think it was safe to continue. Without that line though they could not give him the anesthesia for the operation and therefore had to be aborted. The surgeon noted that his quick thought, and this is without consulting the rest of the team, would be to take a step back, rehydrate and give the veins a rest. The beginning of next week potentially go in to the operating room and only place a central line. Then we can schedule the two surgeries ( one from today and the one that was to be Monday) for another day. The question is if the team is all on board with this plan do we go home and come back in a few days or does Elias need to be kept here. Regardless we have more hospital time we just might get a break for two or three days. We are waiting for a decision which will not likely come today as much as we would like it to be. We will keep you posted as we find out more information. We are not really overly surprised by what happened today in regards to the access. Given Elias’ history we are fortunate that we have not had this problem sooner, so we are counting our blessings we have made it this far without incident. We knew this day would come it just stinks it came today and dampened the ability to move forward. I think deep down it just wasn't meant to be today and that Elias angels were watching out for him this morning.

Elias himself is doing fairly well though given all he has been through the last 24 hours. He is very tired and a little sore from the poking and prodding. He is resting now thankfully and we hope he continues to do so for quite awhile. He has some bruising and little needle marks all over his body. It got to the point where anyone with a yellow gown on that came towards Elias it would make him start to cry and he would start squirming to get away. Even the nurses not there for blood. He had obviously had enough yesterday. Dr. Falcone, his surgeon thinks that all the sticks yesterday may have contributed to their poor success, but there is some anatomy issues going on as well preventing it from being easy. As soon as we know more we will update again. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.

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