Thursday, August 13, 2009


Elias was his typical character overnight. Slept so-so and creates drama. His G/J tube which was not really placed but more holding the stoma open came out as Elias tossed and turned. When it was discovered it had obviously been out for awhile and the stoma had already begun to close. The backup 12 French  g-tube would not go in so there is a 10 French Foley catheter in place to hold the stoma open until they have an opportunity to decide what is going to happen. Elias historically does not keep J-tubes in, be it OJ, NJ, G-J and last night was Elias telling everyone I do not want this J-thing in me. At least the IV held up overnight, that was the main concern for two reasons. First for hydration since he has no way to eat right now and second for the CT Angio scan they are doing this morning. I forgot to mention they are trying to look at his odd heart anatomy and the vessels with the impact the might be placing on the trachea. Again, some things we need to understand and grasp before we begin telling everyone wrong information. We promise to clue everyone in to all the interesting details we have learned about the last 48 hours. Otherwise Elias continues to do well. A little groggy and grumpy, but stable. We will update more through the day as we can and tonight.

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