Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thunderstorms & PT Assessment

creamy-2dhot-2dchocolate-413-small Well, we can say that fortunately we did not experience exactly the type of response we expect from Elias today. He still isn’t his high energy mobile character self though. He is sort of laid back, but still active to a point. It has literally been storming all day with soft rolls of thunder and flashes of lightening quite frequently. It is the kind of day that screams hot chocolate and a book under the covers or a movie. We are glad that he is not feeling as sick as he has the last few days of storms we had. We hate it when he feels miserable because there is not much we can do to soothe him and we always feel a little helpless. So we will take any day that turns out to be a positive day with the way he feels. Lord knows he has enough other issues that interfere with his ability to feel great he certainly is entitled to some good days.

He had his physical therapy assessment this morning. He did not do too much, like we said he is sort of in a docile mood due to the weather. He surprisingly did not roll all over the place when we placed him down, but he did show off a little playing with some of his favorite toys. Holly, his new physical therapist was very knowledgeable and had some great ideas and thoughts. She is amazed by his personality and his go-getter attitude. She explained that generally speaking children with low (muscle) tone are more complacent and struggle more. She of course comment on what a cutie he was and how she was really going to look forward to working with him. We explained to her how he was sort of being low key and how we thought it was due to the weather so she was even more pleased to know that he can give more. Elias had fun, flashed a few smiles and even laughed a couple of times. We love watching him interact with different people. He is so amazing to watch as he decides how much to do for that person. You can almost hear what his little mind is thinking. We agreed that the top priority is to work on the core strength to get him sitting up on his own. She also is interested in trying to work with him crawling up the stairs. We are all for that, but are interested in how she expects him to do this, especially since he rolls rather than crawls. It will be something to watch and become amazed with as we have learned quickly Elias does what Elias wants, someway, somehow. It may not be your way or even a normal way, but he will accomplish it. We are truly looking forward to seeing his progress with that challenge. What fun that will be!

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