Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend Visit with Grandma O

Trying to help Elias feel better Elias overall had a pretty good weekend and was in good spirits for Grandma. He did have some down periods as you can tell by the photo, but that is just the way it is. You capitalize on the times when he feels like giving and have to anticipate and respect the times he is not. Most of those periods this weekend was from fatigue and breathing issues. Nothing bad, just like us working out harder than we are use to and having to work a little more to breathe. Elias enjoys having visitors, he really seems to show off his stuff when people are here. It was a joy to watch him entertain with such enthusiasm when he was able. Elias always puts his best foot forward and tries so very hard whenever people are here regardless of how he feels. Grandma was very happy, as always with the playtime and skills Elias was demonstrating. There were times he had us laughing so hard and he was loving it! There is nothing quite like a good laugh among family to help forget the worries, issues, and fatigue. Having people visit is always a great diversion from the sometimes very difficult, mundane, and crazy routine. It is a respite in its own right and we cherish those opportunities more than you all could ever imagine. We have been fortunate to have great support and love surround us. While we do not always get to convey our appreciation but know that anything and everything truly does help, from phone calls, emails & visits to other acts of showing support and love from the simplest to the most thought out. With another visit from Grandma O behind us we look forward to the next time as well the rest of our friends & family. Grandma M will be out to see Elias soon too and we are looking forward to her visit! Elias loves his Grandmas that is evident by the way he loves to laugh and play with them!

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