Friday, September 25, 2009

Another Frightening Day

We did get a chance to speak to the cardiac surgeon yesterday, but I am going to have to update on the specifics of that later. I will say that we have a date for the surgery. Next Wednesday, September 30 we are an add-on case. Yesterday Elias was having some very intense and prolonged coughing fits. He also has been gagging, retching, and vomiting. Late last night Elias had a vomiting episode and really began breathing hard and labored. They took a chest X-Ray to ensure he had not aspirated, he had not. They did find the need to place him on oxygen. They tried several times overnight to wean him off it, but were unsuccessful. This morning morning Elias had a few episodes where his oxygen saturations would drop, more like bottom out and he would need to be bagged to get them up. The last episode he had his sats dropped into the 30’s. He continues to have labored breathing even on the oxygen and is visibly uncomfortable. There is really not much more they can do to help Elias without placing him on Si Pap or a ventilator. Neither is a pleasing option, but might be necessary if he keeps this up. The respiratory therapist talked with us and said that they are coming to terms with the fact that this problem is getting progressively worse. They just hope that he can make it until Wednesday without having to impose the assistance mentioned before. It is frustrating for us to see Elias this way because we know he is not feeling well and uncomfortable with nothing that can really be done. It becomes even more frustrating and frightening when the doctors and nurses agree with you and do not discount what you are saying. They take it at face value and acknowledge that our points are very valid. Yet they have limited options to make it better. That in itself is quite discerning and uncomforting. Thank you all for the continued thoughts and prayers. We are hoping for an improved weekend and next several days to make it until Wednesday and the surgery.

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  1. I am so sorry. I can't imagine the terror you are feeling. God be with you and finding answers and solutions quickly. Thinking of you all.


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