Thursday, September 10, 2009

Discharged Home

Well when the morning started it looked as though we were in for another day or too admission. The G-tube incision site was not looking any better after several doses of antibiotic via the central line. There was so much pressure and “junk” in there that it was oozing out between some of the sutures. They decided to open the incision to drain it and leave it open. They packed it and covered with gauze. We were already preparing the day to stay when the surgeon came in and said that he didn’t need to keep us here for that. We just needed to learn to care for this open surgical wound. So we did and now we have that wonderful task to add to our already busy busy care schedule. But, we will take it as it is an opportunity to be home. We have done many other things for Elias that we never thought we could do so why is this any different. Katharine has always been very good with all this stuff while I take a little bit to warm up and get use to.  Someone brought up the very excellent point that it is probably safer for Elias to be at home with this open wound than at the hospital. So it was up to the ENT doctors to clear us for home which they did. So we are for the moment home and hope to have it that way for awhile. We do have several follow up appointments, testing and new specialist to visit in the coming weeks, so our schedule will still be hectic, but at home. That is a great place to be.

Tomorrow I will update further on what transpired the last few days with Elias. There are several things to update everyone with, but tonight will be about getting settled back home. Thank you all!

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