Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just Waiting Around…Still

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The heart surgeons wanted to review the operation notes for the TEF repair and central line placement back in May 2008. We called and had them faxed from the hospital in Maryland. Dr. Rutter came in this morning to make sure we were being kept in the loop with all the changes. He also apologized because they had assumed the doctors in Maryland had addressed the vascular ring, but stated that is why they like to have their own look at things. We are suppose to be be meeting with Dr. Manning, the cardiac surgeon that will do the procedure on Elias. We were told that it might not be until tomorrow that he would be able to come see us though. It is also likely that we will not know until tomorrow anything on a timeline. Wish we had more to share on this.


Elias is in good spirits again today. He has been very active and playful. We played some more on the play mat and have had a little bit of sitting time. He is in desperate need for a nap. It seems like right when he falls asleep they come in to do something. They were doing vital signs every 4 hours, around the clock. We asked them if this was necessary. At first they said it was, but when we pointed out a blood pressure that read 150/113 and asked why that was acceptable without action if taking vitals so often is truly that important…they shook their head in agreement and changed the order to once a shift. Hopefully, our next update will have a bit more information on what we can expect and when. Thanks for checking in.



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