Saturday, September 19, 2009

MRI Findings

Not much is scheduled to happen the next few days. We are just waiting for Monday’s surgery and the chance that a spot opens for the sleep study. That is about it and it stinks! I hate sitting here waiting for days. Elias still has not had anymore episodes. The MRI yesterday did not show any indicators for seizures and that was a relief. The neurologist did take the time to cover many of the other thing in the MRI finding that we were doing as unrelated testing. You may remember that Elias had enlarged ventricles of the brain while in the NICU. This has not been followed-up since discharge mainly because of other medical priorities. They are indeed still enlarged however it is not a concern. The ventricles being enlarged is sort of a natural way of “filling the space” since Elias head size and brain size are not proportionate. As with the rest of Elias anatomy his brain is a little different. It is smaller in size and the corpus callosum is not fully formed. This is not really a huge issues as they are finding that there are many of us that have the same issue and are completely unaware. So unless he begins showing symptoms of issues related to these things there should be no need to continue and follow. We also had our first real look at the right ear. The MRI shows that there is not a formed canal or ear drum. It seems as though with the way it looks Elias will never be able to hear with that ear even with assistance. So that limits his hearing to the left ear which we already know is severe to moderate with conduction. Those were the highlights of the MRI findings. We will be seeing a neurologist the first part of October and we will get more information on these things.

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