Monday, October 26, 2009

Just Give The Shot!

This morning at rounds the new attending was listening to Elias resident discuss the plan and items to address. Apparently, Elias is not the only one that needs an audiology consult. The resident barked out the plan for synagis was to wait until discharge. Katharine spoke up immediately. Now you probably remember us telling you how we had a 15 minute discussion, almost a debate about the timing of this shot. Everyone was in agreement except for HER that there was no benefit in waiting for discharge and to proceed with ordering and administering. SHE of course marches to the beat of a different drum regardless apparently. The current attending agreed that the sot should go ahead and be administered. It is flu and RSV season and there is a ton of it in the hospital. Why would you not want to immune someone when they are surrounded by it? In hearing and thinking about this it is likely that this is where the mystery respiratory contact order came from. By placing this extra layer of protection and precautions it would likely reduce the risk, but not prevent RSV exposure. We are wondering since the plan was to postpone the shot until discharge if this was placed because if Elias actually did contract RSV between now and then SHE could be held responsible for not being proactive and administering the shot. Especially, since it was the opinion of several other doctors to move forward with giving it.

Also this morning, Elias had another episode, he stopped breathing again. These things happen so random and without warning. We already know there is not much we can do to prevent them except remain cautious and vigilant, but that is not very comforting during moments like these. I doubt they will do much more than watch him to see if it happens again and even then it is unlikely they will be able to do much more. Very somber start to the day and the week.

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