Monday, October 12, 2009

The Sort of Kind of Plan

example of equipment we might be using at home

The weekend was typical. Nothing of real value to note or any progress because well it is the weekend. The hospital motto is “change the outcome” so we are asking them to have a plan in place so that we are making progress even on the weekend. We continued the same three hour windows twice a day with the same success. Today there is a new attending rotating on service, always a joy right when you are in the middle of goal. Different doctors have different schools of thought that in the past have caused us extra time. Fortunately, she is interested in the plan we have. Today the windows were stretched to four hours, still twice. Tomorrow they are considering combining them into one longer trial. With the Bronchoscopy on Wednesday that could bring new things to the scenario so the plan is not set until that is complete. However, it does appear that they are leaning towards sending him home on Si Pap or more likely a ventilator with only positive pressure and pressure support setting because of insurance. He will probably be on a 12 hours on, 12 hours off with the on time being while he is asleep. With that plan and assuming there are no major changes, set-backs or hurdles with getting him to the final home settings and us trained we are still looking at several more weeks here in the hospital :(

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