Thursday, October 22, 2009

Today’s Happenings

There isn’t much to report as no one came to speak with us at all today. We have no clue about anything discussed today or anything else. That is fine. We were expecting after our meeting yesterday and the lengthy discussion required over the flu and synagis shots to hear something on when he would get them if not actually administer them. Of course not. So tomorrow I get to be the jerk Dad yetElias!sitting like a big boy & blowing raspberries at 6 am! again that has to ask where are we on this issue which was discussed and SHE was overruled to JUST GIVE THE KID THE SHOTS! I mean really how hard is it. It is not like SHE actually has to give it. Hell she doesn’t even have to order it, there are tons of little underling doctors to do this. All she has to do is say take care of it. Ugh i will not get frustrated tonight! There is actually mixed reports on if she is on service after tomorrow, God we hope not. I do not think I can stand anymore time with a doctor that does not embrace the family centered care philosophy. Anyway, moving on. Elias was still having peaks and valleys as he struggles with something funky that is giving him thick yellow nasty secretions. There were more highs than lows and we are still waiting for the results of the cultures and other labs we did on Tuesday. They are probably back, but since no one ever comes to talk to you unless you get upset and Thursday rounds are not done at the bed side we have no clue. We are also still waiting for audiology to come up. This consult was ordered or was suppose to be ordered on Tuesday. Today I also began my part of the certification training on the ventilator. I had to learn to change the circuit (tubing) connecting the vent to Elias! It was not too difficult and I only needed a little help. I got a check plus hurray!!! We each have to do various tasks and troubleshooting exercises multiple times for the staff to be signed off. We must complete all of this before we can take Elias home, much like we did in the NICU. We are also having to change equipment and supply companies again as well. So we have to go through all of that process as well. So there is certainly not a lacking for things to be done. Hope everyone loves the photo of Elias in the post. This was obviously a peak time for him while on a rest off the Ventilator. Such a cute kid and so full of life.

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  1. Oh, that picture speaks a thousand words. Hoping today will be the start of a good chapter with a new attending... And of course, getting some answers would help too!!!
    Love, Holly


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