Monday, November 9, 2009

Still Here

Not much going on here. Just ready to get home, but there is really no firm plan. It was a quiet weekend. There was more frustration and incompetence, but it is really not even worth getting into. We have become so accustom to it happening daily that we are simply burned out on it. Not to mention that some of the things that happened get my blood boiling again and again whenever I discuss them. Elias was pretty low key himself. He had a horrible night on Saturday. He just had a staff that would not leave him be and he did not get much sleep. He slept most of the day on Sunday so there was not much playtime. Saturday we did manage some playtime and a few photos. I will work on uploading them when I am at home again. We are beginning to burn out I think being here. Even Elias is becoming more restless. I certainly hope things pul together quickly with the nursing. I’'m not sure how much longer we can stay. It is simply too exhausting a pace. Hopefully, we will have positive news about a plan for home on our next update.

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