Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Year Upon Us

Well, 2010 is in full swing and we are thankful that we are not starting it off as we did 2009, in the hospital. 2009 was a rough year for Elias and us, but hopefully this one will be much smoother. It certainly will not be any less busy. We are diving right into a busy January this upcoming week. We have another IGIV infusion, some spinal studies for colorectal and our first consult visit with the colorectal team all this week. Next week is even more busy as we have an upper GI study, Pre-op clinic, Pulmonary follow-up and of course another surgery. The surgery is another conglomerate; bronchoscopy, cystogram, endoscopy, and of course another ABR. We also had discussions with the FA clinic about moving ahead with Dentistry and orthopedics, specifically the hand surgeon. It seems like every time we think there is going to be a break it gears right back up again. We have become use to this hectic schedule now though.

Our New Years celebration was pretty low key and unfortunately for us Elias too made it to see the ball drop. If it had not been for that we probably would have slept right through it. New Years day our day nurse worked for 4 hours and Katharine had the day off from work. We took that opportunity to go and spend a little time to ourselves, a mini date if you will. It was way too short, but we were happy to have had the time we got. We had a nice lunch together and bought a few  items for Elias on our outing. We are not sure when that chance will come again, but we will certainly look forward to it when it does.

Elias has been doing well himself. He has been really exploring and playing. We are starting to notice how much he uses his pinky fingers for many things. He has been very happy and care free the last several days. It has been nice having him feeling so well and able to do things. He mostly enjoys playing on his own, with intermittent interaction from us. We are beginning to learn the balance, but if we do too much or too little he certainly lets us know. If we could just get him back on his routine things would be wonderful.  We hope everyone had a great start to their new year and here is to a wonderful and healthy 2010!

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