Monday, February 1, 2010

A Little Reflection

Twenty-one months ago today, we began this amazing journey. Elias was born into the world struggling to survive, but finding a way time after time. We have come such a long way, with many changes along our path. There have been new challenges and obstacles, but with Elias leading the way he has proven mountains can be moved when needed. The photos we put up this past week do not portray a child who is fighting for his life or struggling with a horrible disease. It is of a little boy that faces each and every morning with a smile on his face and the desire to do more. He does this even when he is not feeling well or struggling with issues. It is so infectious, more than you could ever imagine. I think it is fair to say there is an unmentioned characteristic of Fanconi Anemia that the very few afflicted with this disease all seem to display. Amazing attitudes, fighting spirits, and the unwillingness to concede to the powerful forces that engulf their bodies. Elias has without a doubt made our road less rocky by his example. He never stops trying and never gives up! We have fought some pretty intense battles advocating for him. We have had to sacrifice a great deal to get to where we are, and we would do it all again without a thought. All because he shows us everyday what living is truly about and he has a wonderful time doing it. It is amazing to think about the photos and find it hard to believe the doctors are discussing the same little boy. It is easy to forget that at times. Sometimes that is a blessing. We can only hope and pray that he continues to shell-shock the doctors. Thank you all so much for your wonderful support. There are several out there that deserve extra-special accolades for the love, support, and help you have shown and given us. We are very gracious for everything and want to make sure that everyone knows that. There are times when things are very frustrating and almost impossible yet we seem to rise above those hurdles every time. It is certainly not the easiest life we are living at the moment, but it is rich with purpose and love. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the problems, obstacles and limitations that come out of nowhere each day. It seems like when one issue is resolved the next one is already in force. Like Elias we try to face each new day with a smile because it is one more day with him. What more could a parent ask for!

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