Sunday, February 7, 2010

Who Needs Super Bowl Commercials?

Forget the Super Bowl commercials, we have something better! New video footage of Elias! About a week ago Elias and I were playing on the floor. Katharine was able to somehow sneak the video camera into the room and started to film. This is the first four minutes of the video. Elias is fascinated with hands and movement. Put them together and it is a toy all its own. We also were playing with one of Elias cars. He enjoys rolling it back and forth to us, mostly with his feet. About 4 minutes into the video is some footage we captured this morning. Elias had sat up in his playpen and was kicking a ball around. Again I was able to get the video camera, but as you see he caught me. I guess he was having too much fun because he went back to playing with the ball. Usually he freezes and stares at the camera, presumably the flashing red light. So we get to watch the little guy go at it juggling the ball with his feet. Very well i might add. A future soccer star in the making? The ending is just too perfect and typical Elias.

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