Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cultures Positive

We unfortunately heard back from the clinic with results from the cultures. A positive for C-diff has come in. We were sort of prepared as we suspected this based on the foul smelling stool and secretions from the fistula. Although it was heartbreaking to hear. As you remember Elias contracted this infection in October while in the hospital. It is very difficult to make go away and he will likely have these bouts of reoccurrences for quite some time. It unfortunately makes him very sick and out of character when he suffers with this. They have started a 10-day course of flagyl, which has worked to clear things in the past so hopefully we will see the same result this time. Interestingly enough though they want to see Elias back in clinic today or tomorrow if his symptoms have not improved, despite just starting the medicine less than 24 hours prior. That is a little concerning, but we are hoping they are just being proactive and safe. He has continued to vomit although yesterday it was only retching, and his temperature remains a little low, but improved. Hoping this morning will not yield any issues and cause for concerns by his FA doctors. Unfortunately, our nurse called off again today so if he has to go to clinic Katharine will have to leave work early to travel with me. So pray Elias is better today.

I have to keep this update brief because we have a very busy morning ahead. We have PT and another speech therapist is coming in to evaluate Elias with the BAHA. She is dual certified as she is also an audiologist. We took some video footage of our trials yesterday while Elias was wearing it. I probably will not be able to get it up until tomorrow, but we want everyone to see for themselves what we are seeing. We are anxious to hear her input from her trials and observations this morning. If I get a chance today I will add another brief update so everyone knows how things went. Wish us luck today.

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