Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ER visit

Elias has started a repeat of September where he randomly stops breathing because his airway is just closed. You can hear him trying, he just can't. He started last night, then again at 4am. We took him to the ER. They rushed him in the trauma bay and he was swarmed by about 9 people at once. It was not too frightening, while we've never had to go there before but he was in obvious respiratory distress. X rays were negative for any lung issues. We knew it was his airway. Just as Dr Wood, his pulmonologist had stated there are only 4 people on this earth that will be able to save Elias when this happens. Me & Katharine, Dr Wood, & Dr Rutter (ENT). That is too much pressure! That was obvious today as they really were not able to do anything specific to fix the situation. Elias just started breathing again. He improved over the day but shortly after 7p he did it again. He was blue and we tried to get him to breath. Katharine finally got a breathe out of him. So now what? We are hoping to get through the night incident free and push our way in to see Dr Wood tomorrow hopefully. Bless his heart & keep him safe through the night. Sent via BlackBerry mobile

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