Friday, March 26, 2010

Laughter – The Best Medicine

The past few days have probably been the best Elias has felt in months. He is on a much stronger medication at the moment for the C-diff. We are also noticing that the morning vomiting that everyone has long associated with the vent has disappeared this week as well. You watch though, tomorrow will be yak city now that we have said that! Regardless, it is obviously making a difference. It is possible the C-diff has been more active than we thought or detected or the medications we were giving him were beginning to become resistant. We have really enjoyed the past few days with Elias! If you can even imagine his smile being brighter and his face showing nothing but pure joy. It brought more than a few tears, laughs and lots of love to us. We are eternally thankful for these moments and cherish them as infrequent as they come. We had IVIG today as we do every other week and everyone at the FA clinic was so pleased with how he was looking. This afternoon, Elias! gave us a show by bursting into an incredible and uncontrollable laughing fit. We were able to grab the video camera and capture a few minutes of this pleasurable riot. He was having such a good time and so were we. We will leave you with the video of that below.

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