Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More than meets the eye

We got tons of comments on the last group of photos. Thank you! He really was being a ham for the camera. One of the more consistent comments we got was, “How big Elias is getting.” True Elias’ face has matured, but sadly Elias still weighs just a smidgen over 17 lbs.  That is just a pound and a half more than last April. We did finally get the results of the endocrinology lab work that was done and nothing is showing out of the ordinary. He looks healthy weight wise so it just isn’t any thing any of his doctors are overwhelmingly concerned with. Although I think they tend to forget that they are looking at an almost 2 year old, seeing how he is the size of a 9 month old. We have just learned to accept this and see the positives in it. We still get to cuddle and rock our almost two year old to sleep like an infant, making up for that lost NICU time! We only have to buy clothes because they are worn out and not because they do not fit. Finally, he is a heck of a lot lighter to carry around for hours! The second most common comment (almost the #1) was, “we had no idea he had so many wires & tubes” or some variants along those lines and sometimes in the form of a question. First of all we took no offense to that because some of you quickly apologized after saying it, so we just wanted to be clear there. It is fine, it is reality, it is Elias and while we wish he didn’t have to have it all, we are comfortable with it. I guess we just found it funny because we thought about it and realized that Elias is typically clothed during photos and we are use to seeing what little skin is exposed on his tiny torso. This would be why we affectionately call him “Darth Baby” at times, especially when you add the ventilator into the photo. He even sounds like him breathing with it. It certainly can be a sobering sight to illustrate how complex and serious some of his issues are. Thankfully, we do not have that pop in our heads anymore. It has become our normal! Glad everyone enjoyed the photos!


Elias has continued to improve with the C-diff symptoms, but is still having issues of the airway kind. The same stuff as he has been having though nothing new and nothing anyone can do about it. We fear that with the onset of spring and pollen there might be some very rough times. Not to mention the return of the thunderstorms and summer rains that caused him so many problems last year. It will be interesting to see if those remain or disappear. Hoping for the latter of course.

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