Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mommy’s Birthday & Follow-ups

This past weekend was Katharine’s birthday! We had a great day shrugging all the typical responsibilities and enjoying time together. Elias was feeling great that day and was having so much fun playing and laughing. We got mommy some birdfeeders that she has been wanting for the yard. Part of the day was spent watching the colorful birds come and go. We think Elias likes watching them. For dinner we traveled all the way next door to Katharine’s Aunt & Uncle’s house where they grilled Elk steaks and ribs for Katharine’s birthday dinner. We took Elias’ high chair over and he was so well behaved and having a blast sitting in it with everyone. He was laughing and playing and of course watching us eat intently. It is such a shame we can not risk giving him anything by mouth. We can do taste, but no volume. So we take that chance when we can.

Monday we had our Pulmonary follow-up with Dr Wood. He was very pleased with Elias and how things were going. Admittedly, he acknowledged that they were just doing typical things to try and solve an issue and it is difficult to tell what exactly did the trick, but the fact remains it worked and a victory with Elias is accepted regardless of how it was achieved. Everyone, including us is very anxious and watchful to see how things go as the antibiotic clears the system. Anytime you are on antibiotics like this there is risk for secondary infections. So we keep our typical watchful eye on him. It also seems like the C-diff is in remission again. Hopefully that will not reawaken anytime soon. We are anticipating Elias second birthday on May 1st, which is also International Fanconi Anemia Day. We have family coming to spend some time with us to help us celebrate Elias birthday. Everyone is very excited for that! Otherwise, we are keeping busy with therapies and appointments as usual. Elias is so desperately trying to learn to stand on his own. He must attempt it 100 + times a day. He is eager and motivated while having a great time doing it.


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