Saturday, April 10, 2010

Odds & Ends

Not too much going on the past few days in our world and you know, we will take that! We have been busy though. Several appointments and projects to finish along with Elias! Self-Photo?getting caught up on all the things we had to neglect with Elias in the hospital twice in the last month. Yesterday we had our typical IVIG infusion. While we were there they wanted to check the levels of his vancamycin. You have to be cautious with this antibiotic as it can be toxic particularly to the kidneys and liver. They indeed found that his levels were a touch on the high side. They have reduce the amount he gets each day, which was fine by us because it keeps us from having to do a 1 am infusion. He gets it a 9a and 9p now until next Friday. Elias continues to do well and is in rare form. It has been great. We have several appointments next week. We will be having the aural rehab (AR) assessment and several labs done this week. We are not sure what to expect from the AR , but it is suppose to be another tool to help us determine why the discrepancy occurs with Elias performance with the BAHA and the ABR results. Of course the repeated ABR in June will be important too, but by doing these other test now if we get the same results then there is a good chance there is other issues we have not pinpointed. Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

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