Monday, May 3, 2010

Elias! Birthday

Saturday was Elias second birthday. Unfortunately, it was plagued by more episodes where he would stop breathing. In our last update we told you they they began on Thursday with 2-3 episodes and the same on Friday. Saturday sadly he had 15 from 1pm- 9pm. We had several people over to “celebrate” Elias birthday, but it turned more into an exhibition of Mommy & Daddy’s resuscitation skills, over and over. Some of the episodes came close together with one in particular lasting about 3 minutes before we were able to get him breathing again. We honestly thought on that one we would have to call 911. It has been very stressful the past several days as we tried to avoid the ER which would be automatic admission and about a week inpatient. Saturday night into Sunday as he slept there was no episodes, but as soon as we pulled him off the vent and out of bed he did it again. Without jinxing us I hope, that was the last episode he had. So our efforts to stay out of the hospital were with purpose because as usual he would not have done anymore once inpatient as he has in the past. Today we are touching base with his medical team about this to see what they want to do. Again these came on with no warning and seem to have little in common leaving us all puzzled. We were just happy that yesterday was a problem free day for the most part.

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