Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First Word? In a sense

Well we finally confirmed this afternoon that the ABR is on the schedule for the next O.R. round in June. That was a huge relief. We also found out we should be getting an itinerary in the mail this week outlining the day along with the pre-admission information. Elias also had speech therapy today where the focus continues to be on communicating. We had a break through today and it was very exciting. Elias communicated to us using a manipulated form of sign language. The exercise was with Katharine and the therapist swinging Elias in a blanket, much like a hammock. Elias LOVES this! My job was to sign stop and go with the swing corresponding to the action. Elias would get a little fussy when they stopped but after a few times after seeing the sing for go he would calm before they started to swing. We repeated a series adding me taking Elias’ hands to make him sign go. It is typically a roll of the fist, kind of like in Paddy Cake. Elias began to turn his wrist in and touch the back of his hands together. He did this on his own while being fussy Katharine looked at him and asked him what by putting her hands out palms up. He smiled and gave the sign. His therapist was very impressed and said it is common for the sign to be altered, but he understood what he was communicating. That was huge and he did it several more times when appropriate without much prompting. I guess you could say it was almost as exciting as a typical baby’s first word, which for Elias, the word GO is an appropriate first word choice indeed. 

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