Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lab Results

Elias preliminary labs came back yesterday with some activities. Yeah that was plural as in more than one. It would seem that the good old C-diff has come back from remission yet again. There is also signs of a urinary tract infection brewing. It is too early to tell the strain yet, but they have started antibiotics for a broad spectrum based on previous infections until it is identified Monday. The CBC that was drawn yesterday did show his hemoglobin has gone up a few points which we suspected because Elias hasn’t been as tired. It is possible that these infections caused the hemoglobin to drop, and then again it is possible it was something else. We will have to wait for that answer. No word as of now if this jeopardizes the surgery in a few weeks given the infections are in the area they will be operating. It is too soon to tell for certain and we are pretty sure it will be a last minute decision to scrub and reschedule.

Elias seems to be doing better. As we mentioned he hasn’t been quite as tired the past few days, but it did surprise us about the type of infections he has. Elias is not showing the typical signs & symptoms we often see with these. It just goes to show that you can never trust Elias when it comes to stuff like this. We will say that while he isn’t at his peak it is difficult to tell that he has infections, he seems more like he is just a little off. Maybe we caught them at the onset this time. We are just happy that he is at least able to do some of things he enjoys most.  We will keep you posted as always. Enjoy the holiday weekend.

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