Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Not Again

Elias had trouble keeping his oxygen saturation s up overnight despite being on the vent. He was on oxygen for the last part of the night. At 9am he stopped breathing again. It has been 9 days since the last time. He has only had a few episodes that we have had to bag him so far and we hope it stays that way. We spoke with his pulmonologist and he agreed admitting him to the hospital is not going to do any good. We have everything we need equipment wise just not the round the clock nursing. The flovent we started last monday is still being continued. We also have Ciprodex which is actually ear drops but they have prescribed it for his trach. It is an immune suppresent steroid that will be a more fast acting defense to any inflammation as well as contains antibiotics that are sensitive to pseudomonus which Elias is colonized with. We will give him this twice a day for 7 days and hope we see improvement rather than progression to a series like we saw on Elias birthday.

We were looking back on the calendar for the last few months with all these problems and the blood infection and the one thing they had in common...we had zero appointments at Children's Hospital each of those now 4 weeks. How odd is that? We usually are there for appointments sometimes 2-3 times per week, but not on those, very strange. As the day has progressed Elias has gained more energy to play and smile. The morning and early afternoon was horrible. We are hoping that he is improving and there will be no bagging him tonight or the next several days. You can audibly hear his difficulty breathing. It is very shallow and tight. Thankfully he has not needed to be on the oxygen despite the extra work he is doing to breathe. We appreciate the thoughts and prayers and will keep you posted as always on how this amazing little man is doing.
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