Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bill Nye the Science Guy Time

Bill Nye the Science Guy

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Not a whole lot to report in with this update. We have been having some unmentioned issues with Elias feeds. Primarily that he almost to the point of predictability is retching and at times vomiting toward the end of his feeds. we have watched and tried to figure out a pattern to this, i.e.; activity level, positioning, etc. but have not come up with anything that nails it. Katharine believes that it is a volume issue. That we are giving him too much at once. Sort of like overstuffing him. Since he can not communicate to us yet about these things we have to trial and error. It would make sense, if we eat too much we get sick. There are times though that he will not do it, albeit rare. Tomorrow and Thursday we are going to conduct an experiment. Feed him four times versus three for a shorter time and decreased volume. Hopefully we will no longer see the behavior and we can then address the why. If he does continue to retch and vomit then we will be heading back to GI to try and determine what the issue might be.

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