Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Few Items & Prayers Requested

Our apologies for the length of time between updates. Things have continued to remain very busy. It seems as though there is something constantly happening at the moment. Elias continues to do fairly well health-wise. He has had a few bumps and blips, but mostly from the change in weather.

We have been testing his blood sugar before feedings, during feeding, and one hour after feeding. This information is for GI as they try and figure out the symptoms Elias is exhibiting during feeds. He sweats, retches, coughs, and occasionally vomits. We will be submitting the results on Monday and I guess wait and see.

Elias continues to work on his walking. He is getting stronger and more consistent. He really enjoys it. He loves to walk back and forth between Mommy and Daddy. He gets so excited! We have also discovered that bubbles are very amusing to him. He loves trying chase and pop them. He enjoys them so much he usually gets mad when it is time to stop.

Our busy schedule will continue through October and even into November. Many weeks having as many as five or six appointments. In addition to those Elias also has an MRI upcoming as well as another set of surgeries. Please pray for Elias and the rest of the FA FAmily. There are a lot of families struggling right now with this disease. Many children and a few adults are really fighting some rough battles and are very sick. This disease affects patients in so many ways, it is horrible.

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