Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 2 post surgery AM update

This morning Elias was still uncomfortable and in some obvious pain or discomfort still. This is the longest we have seen him take to bounce back from a surgery, but the adjustment in his body this time around is quite monumental. We have been giving him Valium every 4 hours and the occasional morphine dose. This is the only way we can get him to relax. Poor little man!

This morning we traveled to radiology for a series of x-rays. They typically wait until stool has passed, but that usually happens by now. So they just wanted to make sure everything was fine in the bowels. Elias has not had any food or nutrition now for 72 hours. We continue to wait for stool before the slow process of working him into his feeds begin.

We will keep everyone updated as things come up. We appreciate all the continued support and prayers.
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