Sunday, November 14, 2010

Morale Buster

Well the train derailed today. Dr Levitt was pretty hopeful the pedialyte could start yesterday. Typically an X-ray is done before the decision is made but he was confident that wasn't necessary. Believing that was our first mistake. At 12:30 yesterday afternoon the nurse paged the doctor to find out when we would begin the pedialyte. She was told they wouldn't be, but no one could give us a clear reason why. We began to wonder if there was another communication flow issue because Dr Levitt apparently had no knowledge of stool being passed on Friday. Oops! Then Elias began to run a fever and have high blood pressures. This along with his sleeping so much was concerning. The surgical resident, which is separate from Colorectal, but included as part of the communication hierarchy (got it?) was paged at around 430p. As our facebook friends know they never came...still. The Colorectal fellow (a different one today) came in and he has helped get everyone back in the same page of the same book. He has been very helpful and given fantastic explanations for almost everything. Despite the confident no x-ray we were told on Fri the decision to do one today made sense, I just wanted them to realize they are mixing signals. Unfortunately, it showed that there is not gas in the lower colon yet, which is odd to them even because he is passing stool and yes audibly gas! This tells them that the reconnection area is still very tight and being small not a good idea to start anything in his stomach just yet. From here we are day to day with x-ray to determine if improvement is made. If tomorrow they can not begin clear fluid then TPN & lipids will begin according to them today. So as of now this has become another open ended hospital stay.

On the positive side from Elias, he has successfully sat up again a few times today and put his arms up for us to stand him up. He can do this for just a few minutes, but we are happy his spunk to do has returned. Even if that is all he does today it is so much better than what he has been doing. This did us both A LOT of good to see! That kid is something else, let me tell you. Thanks for the continued prayers and please remember our other FAmilies in your prayers. There are some going through some very difficult challenges and health issues as well! They are all fighters like our Elias! As one parent in our FAmily suggested last week FA stands for FIGHT ALWAYS!
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