Monday, November 8, 2010

No More Colostomy

Surgical update #2. Elias is in some pain and discomfort. He is getting morphine every 2 hours. The colostomy reversal went well, said the surgeon, but his bowel is very tiny. What does that mean? It means they are going to be more conservative with how quickly they resume feeds after he begins passing gas and stool through the rectum. The concern is that the point where the colostomy was attached to the rest of the bowel could open or not heal correctly if they try to press getting feeds flowing. This will keep us inpatient about another week possibly more. We are hoping that Elias will do as he always does and recovers quickly. Tonight there is also a urinary catheter in place which is causing him just as much discomfort. He has been asleep most of the evening only waking long enough to grimace in pain, cry a little and the morphine knocks him back out. Rest well and long little man you deserve it. The hourly bowel cleansings pre-op last night ended up literally going until 5 am, do 10 consecutive hours, so Elias got very little sleep last night. So he has even more reason to be exhausted. We are not positive but it seems like the catheter will come out tomorrow, that is our hope too. For now it is just sit wait for gas and stool and heal. That is the plan and being stuck in that crib is going to drive Elias NUTS! We will update tomorrow on the developments and improvements. Thank you all again for your continued thoughts and prayers. Everyone’s support is greatly appreciated. 

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