Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And Slow It Goes

Elias continues to improve….slowly. He has started to sit up on his own, which is a positive. He has also stood up a few times only to quickly realize that wasn’t such a great idea. He attempted to walk for the first time yesterday and he did not do so well. The term “drunken sailor” comes to mind. He at least laughed instead of crying which he has done some out of frustration. He will get there again, he just needs time. The FA doctors want another set of blood counts at the end of this week. We are praying for a continued upward trend. We have high hopes just based on Elias energy increase over the past few days.

Today for some reason it was really noticeable the weight he lost during all this. The lack of “pudge” on his thighs and arms was very obvious and stood out today for some reason. He is taking it well, being weak that is, but you can sense he is missing doing the things he remembers doing before this. We are hoping that it is merely weakness and fatigue rather than developmental set backs. Still, we know he will re-learn and conquer those challenges, mainly the walking. He had become so well adjusted to walking, even in his little shoes. We can not wait for that again. Despite the slow go, we a grateful for him and his amazing attitude. It has been a very rough and emotional few weeks. The likes we have not experienced in awhile. We did not miss it, and while we know there are more of these moments ahead of us, we will simply cherish the thriving ones more fervently.

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